A team from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research has uncovered that MF radiation exposure can increase the risk of miscarriages by almost 50 percent.

The researchers came to this conclusion after recruiting 913 pregnant women from San Francisco. The participants were at different stages of pregnancy, and a number of them had suffered at least one miscarriage in the past. All of the women were given EMDEX Lite meters to carry for 24 hours in order to measure their MF radiation exposure on an average day. Following this, the researchers kept track of the participants’ pregnancy outcomes.

Women who had the highest MF radiation exposure had a 48-percent greater risk of miscarriage than those who had the least exposure, the researchers discovered. Of the women who had been exposed to the most MF radiation, over 24.2 percent had a miscarriage. By contrast, 10.4 percent of the women with the lowest exposure went through the same ordeal. The researchers added that the risk of miscarrying was present regardless of whether or not a miscarriage had previously occurred.

Although the team was unable to specify the exact emission sources of MF radiation, they stated that power lines and appliances generated low frequencies while cell phones and smart-meter networks gave off higher amounts. Moreover, they believe that their findings highlight the need for further investigation into the potential health problems that come with technology.

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