Obese Although it is a sweeping generality.. Big parents tend to pass ‘being big’ on to their children and that for the most part has nothing to do with genes. So is it really any wonder that obesity amongst children is on the increase?

The statistics bear out the fact that over the last thirty years, childhood obesity has more than doubled in younger children and gone up by over four times in adolescents.

Back in the 1980s around about 7% of 6 to 11 year olds were considered to be overweight. By the end of 2012 that had risen to 18% being overweight

For teenagers that rise was even more stark in the 12 to 19 year old range. Back in 1980, only 5% were considered obese. That figure has now risen to 21%.
When I was growing up, yeah, there were fat kids at school. But on the whole, most of those lost that weight by the time they left school simply because of all the running around we got naturally as part of our daily lives.

Yet, as most of us can testify – and as the previous figures also bear out – the likelihood of losing that puppy fat is getting less and less. It is this that parents should start to worry about because the health effects of childhood obesity aren’t just down to the emotional stress of being picked on and bullied at school, there
can be both immediate and long term effects on health.

Statistically, obese youngsters are far more likely to have a high risk factor for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, bone and joint problems and problems sleeping. On top of all those, there are the social and psychological problems that can come from being stigmatized and ostracized by the other kids at school.

Long-term health effects for youngsters who carry their obesity through into their teenage years are even more acute. On top of things like heart disease and diabetes as we mentioned above. You can add in to the mix, osteoarthritis, strokes, several types of cancer including breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, pancreas,
gall bladder, thyroid, prostate, Hodgkin’s lymphoma and many more.

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