Male Yoga When most men hear the word “yoga,” they probably think of relaxing music, burning incense, flexible women or men (maybe not a bad thing!) and colourful, stretchy clothes. If you are a yoga-skeptic, you may be thinking it’s way too passive and flowery for you.

But yoga has expanded and evolved. Now there are classes for jocks, the extremely inflexible and exercise newbies. Although the “traditional” spiritual aspects are still ubiquitous in yoga, there are also non-dogmatic workouts that cater to a busy and/or athletic lifestyle. Whether your workouts are relaxing or vigorous, yoga’s health benefits are substantial.

Here are five reasons guys should consider taking a yoga class:

Yoga is way more manly than you think

The practice was originally designed by men for men, and thousands of years ago was only practiced by men. With the emergence of different types of yoga, you’d be sure to find a class for you in just about any city.

Yoga will make you better at almost everything you do

If you’re an athlete, yoga will make you stronger and more flexible. It helps to increase the recruitment of stabilizing muscles, and strengthens the joints (which helps in injury prevention). Yoga will also fine-tune your focus and proprioception (the sense of the relative position of your body and strength of movement in space).

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