In this 13-minute video, Peggy Hall from The Healthy American offers evidence that cloth face masks may not be as effective as people believe. Conflicting advice over whether the use of face masks is an effective public health strategy has been ongoing since the start of the pandemic.

Some have found that wearing a mask while exercising reduces your oxygen intake and drives CO2 levels high

Symptoms of high CO2 levels include headache, dizziness, fatigue, poor concentration and nausea; two schoolboys in China died while running with a mask

The question of whether cloth masks are effective against the spread of infectious disease has not yet been settled. Exercising with a face shield may offer benefits without CO2 risk

If you wear a mask it’s important to ensure you aren’t infecting yourself: Keep your hands away from your face, don’t touch the outside of a used mask and replace your mask as soon as it’s damp.

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