Want a good nutrition for your child? Be a role model!


It’s easy to be frustrated at times and it’s tempting to just give your child the food that he wants, but highly palatable food is quite often unhealthy, full of sugar (which kids adore) or fat. Other parents are trying to reinforce eating healthy food by offering sweets or junk food as a reward – this is not effective at all, this will not make your kid like healthy food more, he will just want more of the reward.

So how do you convince the little ones to eat their fruit and vegetable and develop a taste for them? As you know, children will often mimic the behavior of the adults close to them. So if you are telling your child that he should eat his carrots while you are sitting at the TV eating chips, you are sending the wrong message and your good intentions might not be good enough for setting healthy habits.

The hard way – restrictions

Some parents might be tempted to just impose a healthy diet and restrict access to unhealthy food altogether. Of course, your child will be used to eating vegetables and nutritious food, but some studies have shown that individuals who grew up with restrictive eating habits might develop weight problems in their adult life.

Unhealthy food becomes desirable for a child, because it is forbidden. That person will binge eat later in life and overindulge the kind of food they did not have as children.On the other hand, pushing and forcing healthy food on them will make them reject it.

The easy, fun way – being a role model

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