Your skin and hair have gone though enough of beauty products, it is high time you spare them. When you are having a difficult time maintaining your hair and skin, and life looks like an anti-beauty campaign, then you should opt for vitamins. This is because vitamins are best for your skin and hair, unlike the products found in market. Beauty products are loaded with harmful chemicals; do you really want them to settle in your hair and skin? We don’t think so.

Vitamin A

Considered to be a powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin A will help you to fight off radicals that contribute to the signs of aging. This Vitamin is required for cell renewal and if there is a deficiency in this vitamin then you will experience dry and flaky skin. Try eating sweet potatoes, carrots, cheese, milk, and leafy green vegetables to boost your beauty.

Vitamin C

This vitamin helps you to reduce fine lines on your skin, improve its texture and boost collagen. Vitamin C basically keeps the skin toned and will de-tan your skin. Therefore, your skin needs more Vitamin C as it begins to age. Eat broccoli, kale, cabbage, strawberries and cantaloupe for a rich vitamin diet. You could also make a meal packed with a vitamin c punch that includes citrus fruits, cauliflower, bell peppers and leafy greens.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is known as complex vitamin and this means that it contains every type of vitamin that is found, including vitamins B6, B12, and biotin. The B class vitamins can turn excessively effective when grouped together. These vitamins reduce hair loss, gray hair and help get longer and shinier hair.


This mineral will help you to build, repair and protect cells in your body, this is important for the renewal for skin cells. Zinc helps maintain moisture and in turn preserve your complexion. If there is a deficiency of zinc then you may suffer from weak nails and hair loss. You can fulfil your daily requirement of zinc through the intake of food such as red meat, nuts and beans.

Vitamin E

This is an anti-oxidant which aids your body to heal after any sort of damage and also helps prevent acne scars and wrinkles. This vitamin also facilitates healthy blood circulation, thus providing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin layers. You can reap the benefits of Vitamin E through the intake of sunflower seeds, nuts and vegetable oils.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

If there is a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids then this can cause dry scalp and give you dull looking hair. The fatty acids also have an anti-inflammatory effect that can help combat the redness and swelling of the skin when it experiences conditions like dermatitis and eczema. You should eat tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon, and you can also eat flaxseed which is a strong plant based source of the omega-3 fatty acids.

Healthy skin and healthy hair are two most important requirements for beauty, and the best way to go about it is the natural way.

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