[divider invisible]With childhood and adolescent obesity rates in most of the Western world rising dramatically over the last few decades, it’s not surprising that a lot of effort has been put into finding out what to do about it.

After all being obese puts people at greater risk of developing all sorts of types of complications such as diabetes.

In a recent University of Missouri study, researchers found that vitamin D supplements can help obese children control their blood sugar levels which in turn may help them to resist the disease.

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Vitamin D intake

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Catherine Peterson, the Associate Professor of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri, said “By increasing vitamin D intake alone we got a response that  was nearly as powerful as what we’ve seen using prescription drugs. We saw a decrease in insulin levels which means better glucose control despite no changes in body weight, dietary intake or physical activity.”

So if you or someone you know suffers with diabetes, then according to this study, vitamin D holds a lot of promise.

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