What happens if that ancient practice doesn’t mesh with your modern groove?

On today’s episode of Meghan TV, Amber Joliat, founder of Misfit Studio and featured teacher on the Wanderlust circuit shares an awesome 5-minute yoga flow that you can rock in the morning, in the way that feels just right for you! Do it!

Do you feel bad for not fitting the “yogi” mould? Do you push yourself to go to classes and then spend the time waiting to leave? If you don’t want to be there, how is that helping?

Yoga is what we want it to be and what we need it to be. The only part that matters is that you move. Move in a way that connects your body to your breath and you are yoga-ing.

Now tell me: What first got you on the mat? What does your yoga practice (whatever that may look like) do for you?

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