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Trina Felber

Born in 1968, the second of five daughters in Toledo, Ohio, Trina grew up amongst a house full of skin and beauty products. As a youth, Trina was always heath conscious and science driven.  In 1992 Trina obtained her RN diploma from St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, Ohio. Over the next decade, she worked as a Registered Nurse in specialty areas including Burn ICU, Neuro ICU, Medical ICU and Surgical ICU. Trina spent a year as a traveling nurse before committing to furthering her education.

Trina studied and obtained her BSN in 2004 from The University of Akron. She continued her studies and received her Masters of Science in Nursing with a specialty in Nurse Anesthesia in 2007.

In 2008, pregnancy shed a new light on topical skincare and the harmful effects of chemicals and toxins.  With a background in science, a profound knowledge of tissue absorption of chemical l compounds (including drugs, chemicals, neurotoxins, etc) and the comprehension that all things are absorbed thru the skin and become one with our being and produce result- desired and undesired- Trina found her true passion.  With a strong desire to develop a toxin-free baby, Trina drew from her science and nursing knowledge and committed to providing a toxin-free environment for her unborn daughter. After searching numerous product databases, finding very few “chemically clean” natural products, she decided to make her own body care products. Over time, with extensive research into oils and essential oils, Trina’s creations became more elaborate and more specialized. Trina uses earthen ingredients like oils, essential oils, clays, herbs, spices and food to make phenomenally effective products that are safe, natural, and non-toxic with absolutely no unpronounceable ingredients, preservatives or industrial derivatives.  Trina makes skincare that will improve your health.

In 2010, Trina was introduced to Crossfit and the Paleo lifestyle by her husband, box owner Josh Felber. True to her “Type A” personality, Trina researched and perfected her Paleo lifestyle. She and her husband easily adapted to the Paleodiet  and raise their three young children Paleo.  Living proof that Paleo equals health, Trina’s takes the Paleo world beyond the diet and applies it to the food for the skin. After all, to truly reap the benefits, all aspect- including skincare, must be as nutrient dense as possible. Trina is committed to providing nutrient dense, 100% Paleo Skin-Food that is made from fresh, organic ingredients.  Each Creation is extensively researched for specific skin type and conditions. No product is made until it is ordered ensuring the freshest, most nutrient dense Paleo Skin-Food is delivered.

Trina continues to work as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, as well as Paleo Advocate, Educator and Skincare Expert.

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