Wintery workouts? This is what you should know…

Separate the freezing facts from fiction with the low down from a Fitness First expert:

Burning more calories in the cold is actually a myth, the body actually uses more energy cooling down in the heat than it does in the cold.

As per point one, exercising in colder temperatures is healthier than exercising in summer because we use less energy to warm up in Winter than we do to cool down in summer

As per evolutionary theory, we tend to store more fat in Winter to keep ourselves warm and with that comes weight gain, so exercising in the Winter is actually more relevant for that reason

In the Winter most of us divulge in alcohol and enjoy ourselves more, alcohol actually encourages heat loss in the body, so when we do exercise outside it actually makes it harder to stay warm

In Summer we drink a lot of water, whereas in Winter we’re not as aware that we’re dehydrated. This is dangerous as when we reach this point the body loses the ability to regulate temperature, so hydrating in Winter is actually more important

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Photo by Fit Approach

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