Going gluten free has been a fad for quite some time.

Are you thinking about making it a new years resolution?

Liz Bonis explains what you need to know before going gluten free.

Gluten is kind of an overview name for the proteins that would be in wheat , rye and barley.     Those who have a true allergy to gluten — due to a disease called celiac –have to eliminate it for good health — but for the rest of us?

Some people find it helps with inflammation, to reduce that some people find it helps them lose weight.

Bridget Raffenberg found it helped her with both of these things.     “I lost 12 pounds since the first of October, more or less just from eating more whole foods and eating what I should be eating.

She admits as she makes these gluten free cookies with registered dietitian Kathy Haugen.     She doesn’t miss everything but she does miss a beer.

Even so however, my joint pain is almost gone, and when I do go out for a beer or two the next days my knees will hurt.

Haugen says giving up gluten can have hidden health benefits: just by virtue of not eating gluten, you avoid the processed foods, so that’s gonna be healthier.

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