The Runner 360 is an all-around strength program for runners who prefer the outdoors or their own living rooms to the weight room. Best of all, fitness motivator and running yoga instructor Angie Stewart Goka, MPH, CSCS, has crafted a workout that can be completed in 12 minutes and that targets every muscle that runners need for strength and balance. She models the exercises below to ensure proper form and offers a wide variety of workouts for runners. First, five quick rules for the workout:

  1. Perform each exercise, in order, for one minute.
  2. When the workout calls for left and right sides individually, perform each for 30 seconds.
  3. Do as many reps as you can while maintaining good form (no cheating on form for more reps!).
  4. Keep a log of reps as a way to track improvement.
  5. For a more intense workout, repeat the entire set of exercises (up to a maximum of three times).


The following 12 exercises are all part of the same continuous workout for all skill levels…read more










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