Deep_frying_chicken_upper_wingDeep-fried foods have always been popular.

They are a part of many traditional cuisines, and are also a staple of the fast-food industry.

Unfortunately, deep frying is not exactly the healthiest cooking method, particularly when done on an industrial scale.

But deep frying at home certainly does not have to be unhealthy.

It largely comes down to the type of oil you use, and how you use it.

Coconut Oil is The Healthiest Oil For Deep Frying

Coconut oil is your best choice overall.

Studies have shown that even after 8 hours of continuous deep frying at 365°F (180°C), its quality does not deteriorate.

Over 90% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are saturated, which makes it very resistant to heat.

Saturated fats used to be considered unhealthy, but new studies show that they are a completely harmless source of energy for humans.

Additionally, coconut oil has numerous health benefits. For example, it can help kill harmful bacteria and viruses, and may even help you lose belly fat.

Keep in mind that some varieties can leave a coconut flavor or smell, so I recommend that you try a few different brands until you find one that is suitable.

Several Other Good Choices:

Lard, Tallow, Ghee and Drippings Are Also Great

Olive Oil

Avocado Oil

Peanut Oil

Palm Oil

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