Sugar You know that sugar affects your weight, as well as your health in general. We ask the pros for some advice on dealing with some of the hardest challenges with going sugar-free.

The Challenge: How to Enjoy Coffee

The Strategy That Works: Caffeine and sugar together can be more addictive than either alone, says Robert Lustig, MD, the pediatric endocrinologist who jumpstarted the anti-sugar movement in the U.S. and the author of Fat Chance. If you’re used to drinking your coffee (or tea) sweet, try replacing the sugar with whole milk, which, although significantly less sweet, can still cut some of the bitterness. Whole milk may also make you feel more full than drinking it black or with skim. And stay away artificial sweeteners, which can increase your cravings for sweet food. Here’s how this works: The sweeteners prime the brain and body to expect a hit of energy in the form of calories, so when there’s no caloric payoff, you’re left wanting, and the search for a cinnamon bun kicks off with enthusiasm.

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