Sugar It is estimated nearly 1.6 million people will contract cancer in the US alone in 2014. Yet the saddest part of this statistic is that at least half a million of those people will die and worldwide the figures aren’t that much better with the latest figures from 2010 showing that approximately 13 million cases of cancer occurred with numbers climbing year on year.

Whilst cancer itself gets a lot of publicity with many celebrities lending their names to a whole range of cancer charities no amount of walking or goodwill is going to halt the pandemic effect of this disease.

Moreover current approaches used by many cancer professionals to prevent or try and treat cancer just are not working and that’s because up until now many efforts at combating cancer have been aimed towards curing cancer instead of taking a more effective approach and stopping cancer occurring in
the first place.

Thankfully though many researchers have now woken up to the power of prevention and are shifting their focus towards finding out why cancer occurs to start with. The fact that you are eating a Paleo or Low Carb Diet will actually reduce your chances of contracting cancer in the first place. You have done yourself one of the biggest favors you could have done to avoid b e coming one of those 13 million or more statistics. That’s because an increasing amount of studies are showing that cancer cells thrive on glucose meaning that one of the simplest ways to stop them multiplying is to cut down or cut out sugar so that cancer cells cannot start growing. If they have already been diagnosed then by cutting off the food supply they will not be able to spread or grow further.

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