For all of the cardio you’ve logged, all of the creative twists on bodyweight training you’ve tried, all of the yoga, plyometrics and circuit workouts, there’s a staple that might not have always been en vogue, but has never, ever failed to deliver.

“I don’t think people ever ‘left’ this type of training, but the sensations that have come over time have certainly diluted the interest in heavy barbell training,” says Brian Robinson, personal training manager at Equinox 19th Street. “But as more science is released on pure strength, people are realizing the impact of compound movements and the efficiency they provide for strength gains and weight loss.”

In other words: For most of us, bulk is a four-letter word. But to get that lean, strong, sculpted physique, you’d be wise to get heavy. “People are results-driven and without fail, lifting heavy has prevailed in getting them the body and conditioning they desire,” says Annie Tran, a Tier 3+ personal trainer out of New York City’s 19th Street club, who demonstrates her prowess in the video above.

Watch the video here

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