Elderly Improve your strength and mobility with these exercises for all fitness levels.

As we get older, some movements can become more challenging. These exercises can be done by almost anyone at any fitness level. Many of them require you to pair up with a partner. This allows you to do moves you might otherwise not be able to do and can be of particular benefit for those over 50.

1. Assisted sit-ups 

Why? Mobility is the main goal for the over 50s. Many find getting up after lying down tough. This helps train the muscles.

How? Partner 1 sits on the ground with knees at 90 degrees and holds partner 2’s hands. If this is difficult, hold a rope (pictured). Partner 1 lowers their torso until their mid back touches the ground lightly, then rises back to the start. Partner 2 is there to help, but if you help too much partner 1 gets little benefit. Keep your pace steady and avoid jerky movements.

Sets and reps: 2-4 sets of 8-15.

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