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How to Maximize Fat Burning During Cardio Workouts

Exercise comes in a variety of shapes and forms. Different exercises are designed to achieve different results. From stretching to strengthening to fat burning, there are dozens of different exercise options. When it comes to fat burning, cardiovascular workouts are the way to go. Cardio exercises get the heart rate going and can burn fat at different intervals, depending on the intensity of the workout. Low intensity cardio is better for building stamina, while short bursts of high intensity exercise are best for burning calories and maximizing fat loss.

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Low Carb Diet Tips That Really Work

Many people have decided to take the plunge and give a low carbohydrate diet a try, and perhaps you are among them. What should your next steps be? The key to achieving real success with such a strategy is to do a bit of advance planning. The low carb diet tips that follow should get you off and running.

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