Suzie Walker

Suzie Walker is a fully qualified naturopathic Nutritionist.  With a keen interest in weight management and PCOS.  She is an advocated of the high fat low carb lifestyle with a strong focus on the Paleo approach.

Having worked for 10 years in the food and drink industry Suzie has always had an immense passion for nutrition and food.

Suzie currently works closely with clients with a range of complaints in particular women’s health, digestive disorders/IBS, fatigue and weight loss.

She currently runs her practice in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

She enjoys supporting and motivating her clients to achieve their personal nutrition and lifestyle goals.

Suzie is also the founder of The Primal Kitchen (www.theprimalkitchen.co.uk) a range of grain free, wholesome and nutritious energy bars.

Visit Suzie’s Website at:  www.wondersoffood.com and  www.theprimalkitchen.co.uk

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