Food temperature is critical to your health. Cold food is supposed be kept below 45 degrees. And hot food is supposed to be hotter than 140 degrees. Anything in between is in the temperature range health safety experts call “the danger zone” the ideal temperature for bacterial growth that can make you sick.

This week, restaurants from well-known chains to mom and pop shops were cited for food temperature. The owner of one of those restaurants invited News 10 NBC to go inside with a camera in tow.

Mark Crane is proud of the business he’s built, a business that’s become an upstate staple. Mark’s Pizzeria is now in about 50 locations across our area. But the Penfield location is special to Crane.

“I’m proud of this shop because my deceased brother managed this shop,” said Crane. “This is our flagship.” But inspectors recently cited the flagship store with six critical violations – all for food that wasn’t cold enough. Mark says managers quickly found the problem.

“This brand new cooler has a switch on it right here,” said Mark pointing to a switch at the base of the large stainless steel, waist-high refrigeration equipment. “You can turn it on and you can turn it off. Someone turned it off by mistake. But you know what? We’re not perfect. Sometimes the kids make a mistake,” he said referencing the 40 young people employed at the Penfield location.

He believes the cooler was likely off for no more than a couple of hours. But in the report, the inspector writes there was mold growth on the meatballs.

“I don’t think they were moldy, no,” said Mark.

He said it would be highly unusual for the restaurant to…  See full article and video report

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