Photo by Maurice PullinFamily work-outs are a great idea, and one that bears repeating on a perfect summer day like today.

Yep, it’s sunny and 79 degrees, and that’s just about ideal warm weather. In the past, my husband, daughter and myself would take a long walk on a day like today: We often chose to walk in a nearby park.

But Steve and I are empty-nesters these days. While we hope to walk together at some point this weekend, it’s a (regrettably) rare event.

Exercising together is a great way to bond as a family, especially when the children are getting older. Fitness habits can be enforced in all age groups. Here are some ideas from the TOPS weight-loss organization:

Lead by example

An effective and easy way to get your family to be more active is to show them how. Simple activities can go a long way in teaching the importance of fitness and increased movement. When shopping together, take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. On nice days, park as far away from building entrances as possible. Walk and bike to places nearby – instead of hopping in the car. Little changes like these will motivate kids to opt for more active habits on their own.

Sign up for a run/walk

Summer is full of run/walks for various causes and nonprofit organizations. Decide together on some events in which you’d like to participate, whether it’s for the cause it benefits or the pure fun appeal. 5Ks are perfect for beginners, and you can train together as a family, too.

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