Marketed as an aid for those looking to reduce their sugar and calorie intake, artificial sweeteners are rather linked to weight gain, according to a current study.

A report released by the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Monday, July 17, indicates that not only did sugar replacements fail to help individuals shed weight, regular users had a greater risk of weight gain and obesity.

Researchers and analysts analyzed 37 previous reports about the impact of artificial sweeteners and how they influenced people looking to lose weight. All whatsoever, the accounts covered 400,000 instances spanning ten decades.

Among these studies are seven randomized controlled trials, which lent lots of weight to that the conclusions the researchers arrived at. Their findings aren’t really encouraging for folks who have sugar substitutes on a regular basis. The conclusion points out that these users are more in danger of weight gain, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.These results imply that it is not just calories that play a role in weight gain and weight-related wellness difficulties, as mentioned by Meghan Azad, author of the study and an assistant professor of pediatrics and child health in the University of Manitoba. “I think there’s an assumption that when there are zero calories, there is zero harm,” Azad stated.

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