Yeast infections are uncomfortable, awkward, and way too easy to contract! All those home cures you have tried out may work when it comes to treating those infections, but maybe it’s time to look into some preventative options. Studies have revealed that what we eat can affect how frequently we contract yeast infections. We aren’t the only ones addicted to sugar – yeast is too! Consuming too much sugar causes our blood sugar levels to spike and causes those dreaded infections. By simply eliminating certain foods from your table, you may be able to finally get this problem under control!

No simple sugars: This means that you’ve got to ditch more than just the candy and sweets! Even something as seemingly healthy as  fruits or juices can cause your blood sugar to spike out of control. Especially if you are treating yourself to a big bowl of fruit salad in the morning. Eating a breakfast filled with even natural sugar can attract yeast from miles away. In addition to that, our morning cup of joe also kicks yeast into gear. Put caffeine and sugar together, you are in for a killer combo. So pace yourself with the sugar, and make sure you are eating a balanced diet.

Watch those carbs: Carb-heavy foods like fruit juice, canned fruit, items that contain corn syrup, table sugar, and (we hate to break it to you) alcohol are magnets for yeast. Take a minute and glance through your weekly menu – you will be shocked by how much of your food contains these ingredients! Awareness is key, though, so just take a couple extra minutes in the grocery store and look at the nutrition label.

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