This is a fascinating study in which Professor Larry Tucker took 254 ladies of whom about half are considered obese. For a whole week they wore accelerometers which measure actual movement as well as the intensity of activity that the people are going through and all the results were carefully recorded.

Some 20 months later the same participants wore accelerometers for yet another week and the results of their activity were recorded and then the two results were compared.

Briefly what the study found was that over those intervening 20 weeks the physical activity of the obese participants dropped by 8% whereas the non-obese ladies had essentially no change in the amount of physical activity they undertook putting it simply Dr. Tucker ahs now measured proof of what many of us have already understood – that in activity least the weight gain and that weight gain means that you’re less inclined to be active which results in a gradual downward spiral of inactivity which leads to further weight gain which leads to further inactivity and so on down.

But Dr. Tucker now has measured proof that it’s possible to break that cycle and indeed reverse it simply by becoming more active and deliberately so because the more active you become the less likely you are to put on weight, in fact you are more likely to start losing weight which then enables you to be more active making both your health and activity levels move in the right direction.

Link to the Brigham Young University News Release

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