In case you are an obese woman, but without any disease like diabetes or hypertension, it will not mean you might be free of the chance for heart problems,” said lead researcher Matthias Schulze. “You still are at a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, in comparison to normal-weight in good health women.

“Schulze, who’s from the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke, in Nuthetal, advised that the study can’t establish obesity caused heart issues, simply that’s there’s a correlation.

High blood pressure levels, high cholesterol and diabetes may double the amount of risk for heart attack and stroke, but because many as one-third of obese women don’t have problems with these metabolic diseases, the researchers said.

During the study, Schulze along with his colleagues gathered information on more than 90,000 U.S. women that took part in the Nurses’ Health Study and didn’t have any cardiovascular disease. The women were followed from 1980 to 2010.

In addition to measuring their metabolic health (whether or not they had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes), Schulze’s team took into consideration factors which include age, diet, smoking, exercise, alcohol consumption, race, education level, aspirin use and family history of heart attack or diabetes.

Over an average of 24 years, 6,300 women developed cardiovascular disease, including 3,300 who had heart attacks and 3,000 who suffered strokes, the findings showed.

Heart related illnesses risk was high in women who had high blood pressure levels, high cholesterol or diabetes, irrespective of how much they weigh, the researchers said.

Women that had metabolic disease but were still a normal weight were about 2.5 times more prone to develop cardiovascular disease, in comparison with normal-weight women without any metabolic abnormalities, based on the report.

However metabolically healthy obese women still had a 39 percent greater risk of cardiovascular disease, the researchers identified.

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