Have you ever wanted to cut down on sugar intake but still enjoy the taste of the foods you eat? Most everyone has, and until recently, options have been somewhat limited as far as alternative sweeteners. Splenda is a big hit, but have you heard of Stevia? Stevia is a sugar substitute in the form of a plant that has a history in South America. The people in South America have long used the Stevia plant as a sweetener.

Before now, Stevia could only be sold as a dietary supplement when it came to the US, but now the FDA has permitted it to be sold as a sweetener after reviewing research that was submitted to the administration.

SteviaNow that it’s known to be safe and a good substitute for sugar, what’s stopping you?

Limit your sugar intake

There is so much sugar in a can of soda or in that candy bar you just ate. Your mouth would drop and stay wide open if you knew how much sugar you consumed each day. If it were in front of you, it would be a rather huge pile! Therefore, in order to stay healthy and fight against disease, you should be limiting your sugar intake. You don’t want to end up with diabetes as you get older, and you don’t want to start putting on those pounds!

Candy Bar

If you’re trying to lose weight, you would be completely surprised at how much of an effect this one solution would have on your weight loss goals. Cutting back on sugar allows your body to have a break and helps your metabolism as well as makes it to where you’re getting healthier food in your body for other various purposes.

FDA approved Stevia

Most of the stigma about Stevia is related to information brought forward in the past, specifically in the 1980’s about it having bad side effects linked to fertility and reproduction. However, these have been disproved with research. Still, the FDA approved Stevia having a safe status with the public but did not pull its other findings from the past.

Reb A is the form of Stevia that the FDA has approved as safe. There are other forms of Stevia that they have not approved. So, when you are looking for the right form of Stevia, remember Reb A.

Recently, I was in the grocery store, and I was looking at all the sugar substitutes that were available. I saw the regular choices like Equal, Sweet n’ Low, Splenda and others. Everyone knows that Equal and Sweet n’ Low are good sugar substitutes as far as health is concerned, but that they leave something to be desired as far as taste.

I finally tried the Stevia in the form of Reb A, and I am never going back. I am a big sweet tea drinker, and this sugar substitute is simply amazing. Keep the advice that I’ve told you here in mind when you next visit the grocery store. You are going to be happy that you know about Stevia as an option now.


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