Stephanie Dodier is a clinical nutritionist, speaker, podcast host and founder of the Going Beyond The Food Academy, a global coaching and online training platform focused on helping women make peace with food and their body so that they can live a fulfilling life… right now!

Stephanie has been recognized as a leading emotional eating & intuitive eating expert and her weekly podcast Host of The Beyond the Food Show.
has been ranked a top 25 wellness Itunes podcast with an audience in over 79 countries with over 400,000 downloads. Stephanie created The Going Beyond The Food Method™ an integrative and comprehensive approach focus on helping women change eating habits, free themselves from diets and negative body image thoughts and finally engage with food and their body from a place of compassion and absolute confidence.

The “Going Beyond the Food” is the revolutionary movement that is geared towards changing the way women relate to food and their body. It’s about ditching the diet mindset, transforming relationship to food and their body to feel good for good right now.

Stephanie has been there, too. She was inspired to do this work and that’s how the Going Beyond The Food Movement was born. Her health journey began 8 years ago while working as a senior executive in a Fortune 500 corporation. After collapsing on stage she was diagnosed with multiple chronic condition and she went on a search to find solution. She found her passion and redirected her natural leadership ability to inspire women to transform their relationship to food & body and ultimately themselves.

Stephanie is passionate about sharing her personal journey as a source of inspiration while educating and empowering women to reconnect with their personal power of intuition and rekindle with their “internal nutritionist” and ditch dieting forever!

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