Author Stanley Fishman

Author Stanley Fishman

Since the age of 13 Stanley had been chronically ill with a number of different illnesses since I was 13, including asthma, periodic depression, chronic bronchitis, and skin and digestive disorders. In hospital he received extensive medical treatment, which only gave temporary relief, but the underlying illness continued to get worse. He landed in the emergency room twice in 1998 through being exposed to toxic chemicals twice at work. After the second time his lungs were in such bad shape that he could not work. After a battery of tests the doctors told him that he would never get better, and that his lungs would never heal. It was then he realized  that the medical profession could not help him.

That was a life changing moment as he says “…I had an important decision to make. I could either accept the medical death sentence I had just been given, or I could refuse to accept it.”

Now, 11 years after that medical death sentence, he’s in the best health of his adult life. All the illnesses and symptoms are gone and he enjoy robust good health. His powerful immune system keeps him in top form and his breathing is fine.

So, What did Stanley do?

Firstly, he avoided toxic factory foods and medication, and moved up to eating a traditional, natural diet based on the teachings of Dr. Weston A Price

He switched to grassfed and grass finished meat and used his research skills to learn how grassfed meat was cooked in the past, reading over 300 books in the process. After much trial and error, Stanley succeeded in adapting these methods to the modern kitchen, and cooked grassfed meat that was not only tender, but absolutely delicious.

The result of all this work are the books, website and Facebook group you can link to opposite.


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