Researchers at the University of Rochester studied the sperm of 189 healthy young men aged 18-22. Those who drank one or more sugary beverages a day had significantly lowered sperm motility. The research shows an association but does not prove causality.

For those not well-versed in the issue of sperm motility, Wikipedia claims that:

Sperm that do not properly “swim” will not reach the egg in order to fertilize it … therefore assessing the fraction of a sperm population that is motile is perhaps the most widely used measure of semen quality. Insufficient sperm motility is a common cause of infertility.

The present study is the first of its kind to make the linkage in humans between sugary beverages and sperm quality. A study in mice found that male mice given sugary drinks sire 25 percent fewer offspring. Scientific certainty on this issue will require other research teams to replicate these findings. In the meantime, given the weight of the scientific evidence implicating sugary drinks in a plethora of illnesses, it seems prudent to lower our sugary drink consumption.

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