0010372707W-1920x1280Eating only one or two meals a day is a recipe for disaster, no matter what diet you are on.

This ‘starving and then stuffing yourself’ pattern of eating will set you up for uncontrollable food craving and massive binges later on.

The problem is that your blood sugar plummets when you go long periods without food. Because of that, it’s nearly impossible to control the  hunger that follows that has been created by your hormones so you become ravenous. And let’s face it, when you’re that hungry, you couldn’t care less about eating properly let alone making good food choices, you just want food and you want it now!

Have you ever had strong cravings later on in the day for specific foods you don’t normally eat and you don’t know why? Just think back to what you ate earlier in the day – chances are you weren’t eating regularly every few hours or you ate something high in carbs.

By doing that, you set off the hunger alarm by skipping your  breakfast or leaving big gaps between other meals. If you don’t want those cravings again, close the gaps and eat every three or four hours.

You need protein every three hours or so. So it makes sense to eat something regularly. We’ll be covering that soon in more detail.

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