Juice Photo by Holgi

As summer heats up, you’re probably paying more attention to your fluid intake (or at least you should be). When it’s hot outside and you’re keeping active, dehydration can leave you feeling light-headed and disoriented. Cooling off with refreshing beverages can keep your body hydrated and your waistline intact — if you know which ones to drink.

While a Caribbean cocktail may be what you have in mind, remember that alcoholic beverages can dehydrate you and awaken your appetite (read: unwanted calories).

Did you know that a cocktail such as a piña colada can have as much as 300 calories! While you may start with good intentions to stick to a couple drinks, four drinks, a few appetizers and some dessert later and you’ll be full of regrets!

Here are some tips to keep cool and slim this summer: Read more

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