8730244778_d9f0696510You may feel daunted by all of the contradicting health tips floating around the Internet. Sometimes, it can get so confusing that it’s easier not to make any healthy changes at all.

The truth is, eating healthier can be quite simple! Making a few upgrades to your daily staples can make all the difference.

Cook with coconut oil.

Coconut oil may be a bit more expensive than your common vegetable oil but those few extra dollars are worth it. Because of its unique makeup, coconut oil can help your body burn fat more effectively and it can help keep your appetite under control.

Use pink Himalayan salt instead of table salt.

While you might be used to looking at salt as something that is “bad” for you, Himalayan salt is quite the opposite. This pink salt contains 84 minerals and other important bio compounds, along with quite a few other health benefits.

Bring eggs back to your breakfast plate.

Breakfasts high in sugar, like smoothies, have been pretty popular lately. Smoothies are great and they definitely have their place in a healthy diet but try starting your day with a high protein, low sugar breakfast.

Swap out one cup of coffee a day for tea.

You don’t need to give up coffee for good, just simply to replace one cup of day with an herbal tea.

Add more dark leafy greens.

Instead of focusing on what to eliminate from your diet, simply add more of what you know is good. Eating more dark leafy greens such as kale is a great way to upgrade your diet.

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