You’d think it would be easy spot when you’re working too hard–long hours, painful wake-ups and general exhaustion are sure tip-offs, right? The funny thing is, our bodies and minds have a funny way of adjusting to the demands we place on them, at least for awhile.

As your hours creep up and the pressure gradually intensifies, you may end up feeling like you’re flying (or at least grinding it out) until one day, burnout hits with a vengeance and your health or your sanity crumbles. Rather than get to that point, wouldn’t it be good if you could keep an eye out for early warning signs that your schedule and stress levels are starting to get out of whack so you can make adjustments before you collapse?

Joel Peterson, chairman of JetBlue Airways and a longtime Stanford business school professor, has your back on this one. Obviously quite a busy guy himself, Peterson recently offered a list of tell-tale warning signs you’re working yourself too hard, here are a few of them… 

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