Many of us are familiar with the saying that “One volunteer is worth ten pressed men” and when it comes to exercise that seems to be doubly true for when we do an exercise because we want to; we seem to get far far more out of it than when we do it because we feel we have to. So what’s the key? Quite simply to find an exercise that you love doing.

In my 20s I was an avid weightlifter and at that time I enjoyed it I must admit but by the time I got o my 30s the appeal of weightlifting or spending time in the gym had waned somewhat. However I realized I needed to keep fit and that was what I knew so I went back to it. That’s when I found low carb and combining low carb way of eating with exercise meant that I was able to have a far more effective workout in less time which gave me quite a bit of a boost.

However after a number of years doing the same old thing week in-week out became somewhat boring to be frank and even though I was enjoying the fitness I wasn’t enjoying the way I was keeping fit.

Then through a number of circumstances I discovered salsa dancing and even though I was relatively fit when I started doing that I found it point a workout to say the least but the upside was it was thoroughly enjoyable – several orders of magnitude more enjoyable than weightlifting. It was fun, it was social, it was interesting. I was learning new skills, meeting new people. It was almost as if getting fit was a byproduct.

And the great thing was that in the classes and dances and so on at the weekends you could see people of broad age spectrum all dancing for literally hours on end without being out of breath or seemingly faced by the physical exertion they were getting up to and what’s true of salsa is also true of jive dancing, swaying off many other of the faster social dancing activities you can find in many towns around the country.

The bottom line of everything I’ve been saying is that if you want to get the best from any form of exercise, make sure it’s one you enjoy.

Here’s another article that sort of reinforces some of what I’ve been saying.

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