Pesticides are an increasing concern among populations all across the world. Even organic food, which is grown without the use of chemical additions, are suffering from the effects of pesticide overexposure. Not only are they harming our food, our bodies, and our environment, many pesticides may be non essential when it comes to keeping crops safe from insects. Here are some of the shocking facts about pesticides that everyone should know.

Children Harmed by Pesticide Exposure, Yet EPA Says There isn’t an Issue

Three recent university studies, spanning up to 14 years in duration, have proven Chlorpyrifos as negatively impacting human health, including organ damage, mental disorders, learning disabilities, increased autism rates, and an average of 7 IQ point decline in children exposed. EPA continues to turn a blind eye.

Pesticides Are Violating Organic Farms

As more volatile, poisonous pesticides come to use in conventional and GMO crop fields nationwide, organic and family farmers are fighting an uphill battle to shield their unadulterated produce from the massive drift that often occurs from neighboring farms.

Banned Pesticides are Still Assaulting Our Health

A common theme you’ll find with pesticides is that one will be developed, used extensively, damaging health effects will emerge, and then the scientists will say, “Oops, guess we goofed there, let’s not use that one anymore.” The problem, or one of the problems, is that pesticides tend to be persistent organic toxins, meaning they linger.

Pesticide Exposure Causes Parkinson’s Disease

The University of Colorado’s recently conducted a long-term study to look at statewide pesticide exposure in connection with occurrence rates of Parkinson’s disease and a significant correlation was revealed.

Pesticides are Endangering the Monarch Butterfly Unbeknownst to most Americans, monarch butterfly populations have declined an alarming 90% in the past 20 years. Their winter habitat in Mexico has declined from 45 acres in 1996 to just 1.7 acres in 2013.

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