The Taylors are the co-founders of Love You Foods, which makes and sells the FBOMB series of macadamia nut butters and healthy oils.

The idea for FBOMB and Love You Foods came from Ross’ attempts to use his diet to control his risk of diabetes. The Taylors found it hard to find healthy fats, like olive and coconut oil, to eat while traveling or dining out. They took to making their own packs of oils and nut butters to take with them on trips, which got a little messy more than once, according to Kara. It was also hard to find Keto diet-friendly foods that did not include added sweeteners or fillers.

The couple created FBOMB because they thought there might be others out there experiencing the same trouble, Ross said. The butters and oils are packaged in convenient single serving pouches that make it easier to add a little healthier fats to your diet while traveling, at work or while working out.

The brand carries six prepackaged oils including coconut, olive, avocado, macadamia nut, a house blend of several oils and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oil, which is made from coconut oil. They also carry three flavors of macadamia nut butter including salted chocolate, sea salt and coconut. They’re working on a fourth nut butter flavor.

The FBOMB products have really taken off, Russ said. The company is starting to ship product to Amazon and will soon be found in GNC stores. They’re also working with their investors to get the product into big box stores across the country.

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