2014-04-28_0920Hash Browns are one of those things that are denied to us as low carbers as they are so high in carbohydrates – around about 40 g each. However, after much persuasion I have been encouraged to release one of my favourite recipes for a low carb version of a hash brown that only has one and a half grams of carbohydrates. The other nice thing about these is the slightly sweet coconut flavour which goes so nicely when when dipped in your fried egg.

You might be wondering why I use desiccated coconut for this particular recipe? Well the simple answer is it just works. The other advantage, particularly for those of you who like to calculate net carbs, is that this particular product has 6.4 g per hundred of carbs and 13.7 g per hundred of fibre. However I just counted the carbs as usual.

You can also use these as an accompaniment to things like Indian dishes or anything else that will have a sauce that you might like to mop up with the bread. And at less than one and a half grams of carbs each – you can probably afford to let your hair down a little.

Download the magazine to get the step by step instruction

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