Eat It’s February so, let’s face it, most of you will already have fallen off the new year diet bandwagon. But why don’t diets stick? And how can we make sure the weight stays off? We’ve chatted to the experts to find out.

Here’s the experts’ view on why we fail…

‘There’s no denying that dieting can be really hard,’ says Boots nutritionist Vicky Pennington. ‘Success doesn’t just mean changing for a few weeks or months. Somehow, you’ve got to incorporate changes into a new healthier way of life and develop a different mindset about how you eat.’

‘When the scales stick, people lose heart and resume their old way of eating. The pay off just isn’t enough, unless their clothes continually feel looser and friends keep saying how great they look,’ says Zotrim health coach Laura Williams. ‘It’s not that diets per se don’t work, it’s that consistency is as important as the regime you follow.’

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