Do you carry a bottle of oregano oil with you? Maybe you should. Preppers understand that vigilance is displayed not only in carrying items that can be used for the moment but for preventive action as well. Oregano oil is such an example. This modest natural remedy is extremely useful, showing fantastic antibacterial properties that make it an ideal companion when traveling, among other things.

Oregano oil can be easily made at home. A simple recipe includes a handful of oregano leaves, either crushes or chopped; grape seed, olive, or almond oil; and two sanitized mason jars.

Boil water in a deep saucepan. Once the water begins to boil, turn off the flame. Place the oregano leaves inside the jar and pour your preferred oil over the leaves. Put the jar into the hot water and allow this to sit for a few minutes. Do not let this exceed more than 10 minutes though! The heat prompts the oregano to release its natural oils. Remove the jar from the pan and place it by a well-lit windowsill for one to two weeks. Periodically shake the mixture every few days. After two weeks, strain the oil from the leaves into another mason jar. Store this mixture in a cool and dark place.

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