Social Wave Anyone passing a popular South East London venue this week may have thought they’d stepped back in time to the hedonistic 90s, when dance music ruled the decks and raving was mandatory on a Saturday night for Britain’s hardcore clubbers.

Thumping tunes rang out from The Vaults under Waterloo station while inside people bounced around wearing neon clothing and waving glow-sticks.

However there wasn’t a hint of an illegal drug in the air – as the only high these ravers craved was the rush of endorphins from exercising.

The high energy class lasts an hour with participants following the moves of three teachers on stage.

A combination of cardio, interval training and conditioning workouts – set to old school dance classics – means they burn up to 500 calories while they feel like they’re having a ball.

One of the happy ‘ravers’, Raina Marwaha, 31, told the MailOnline: ‘The event was simply, brilliant and its definitely something we all want to do again, the atmosphere was fantastic.’

Another, Georgina Spenceley, 26, from Harlow, Essex, said: ‘It was the perfect combination of a fun workout, neon outfits and my favourite 90s dance hits. With glow sticks highlighting our every move, it was a non-stop underground fitness party.’

The fitness rave is the brainchild of fitness instructor Shara Tochia, 28, from Clerkenwell, London, who is determined to bring it to the masses.

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