I’m a big fan of probiotics, the friendly bacteria, those beneficial microorganisms that naturally inhabit our digestive system.

We all have billions of bacteria living in our stomachs most of them are beneficial but just a few of them being harmful. Now obviously it’s important to make sure that we keep a balance between the good and the bad as that’s crucial to maintaining good health.

Probiotics such as one of those things that we can use to maintain that balance the way it should be and you know there are a huge amount of benefits that probiotics give us, many of which many people are unaware of; things like helping our liver with its hundreds of functions right the way through to enhancing our blood lipid profile.

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Sugar alcohols

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One thing a lot of people don’t realize though is that many of the artificial sugars particularly the sugar alcohols can actually harm the good bacteria in our stomach which is a shame because they do such a   fantastic job for us, some I’ve already mentioned but also things like producing natural antibiotic-like substances, fighting yeast and fungal infections and improving our immune function.

The article I’ve linked to below goes into this in more detail and it’s well worth looking at.

Link to the article

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