By now, you’ve probably heard all about Prancercise, the workout created right here in south Florida by 61-year old Joanna Rohrback that allows you to prance and trot your way to fitness.

We’ve got to admit, we’ve never seen a fat horse so Rohrback might be on to something. Rohrback, who lives in Coral Springs, is in pretty good shape herself, as evidenced in the video which features her wearing a salmon-colored Chanel jacket and white pants.

But, while the workout has gotten most of the publicity, Rohrback also stresses diet in her Prancercise lifestyle, which basically means the old saying, “she eats like a horse” is a good thing, indeed.

We spoke with the fitness maven, who told us that the path to perfection is threefold. “It’s about diet, spirituality, and physicality.”

Rohrback, who personally eats a diet of raw vegetables and fruits, with some cooked beans, some whole grain bread on occasion, and small amounts of salmon (she admits that horses don’t eat fish), also drinks mostly water.

She told Clean Plate Charlie that she ran a food addiction support group and that the key to a healthy body is to eat for “satiation, not pleasure”.

“When you eat for pleasure, the foods tend to be over processed. They also release pleasure receptors and that will lead to cravings, causing you to overeat.”

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