According to The Cannabist, Scotts Miracle-Gro, which has a long-standing partnership with Monsanto to market and distribute Roundup has quietly invested half a billion dollars into a wholly owned subsidiary named the Hawthorne Gardening Co. with the aim of capturing the hydroponic business, starting with marijuana growers.

It’s goal, according to Scotts CEO Jim Hagedorn, is “To become the best supplier of hydroponic growing products in the world to both the consumer and professional markets.” For the nine months of 2017, Hawthorne sales grew by 160 percent. In 2016, the company grew 300 percent. These sales spikes are largely due to the acquisitions of Gavita, which sells grow lights, and two nutrient manufacturers, Botanicare and General Hydroponics.

Can we really expect a pesticide company to have the “heart” of an organic grower? And don’t you find it a bit Orwellian that half the NOSB members listened to Scotts representatives lobbing them, rather than pioneering organic farmers, when they green-lighted hydroponics for organic labeling? There is a lot money at stake related to this issue.

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