Paleo Photo by Karen BoothWhat does it take for a diet to go from a temporary trend to a permanent place in theweight loss world? For those who value the dictionary, thePaleo diet just achieved the honor as the Oxford University Press announced it’s adding the plan to its entries, reported TVNZ News on August 14.

To earn a place in the online Oxford Dictionary, the Paleo diet had to be mentioned so many times that editors viewed it as an essential definition. And it’s not easy to qualify: Editors analyze more than 150 million English words to determine the winners.

“These are words that are common enough that you are likely to encounter them, and may have to look up their meanings,” explained Oxford Dictionaries editor Katherine Martin. And if you’re considering trying the Paleo diet, you may want to remember the meaning of this new entry: YOLO (You only live once).

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