diet-398613_640While they often begin as logical and innocuous, “I’ll start Monday” and numerous other overused cliches stall fat loss and inhibit us from reaching our full potential.

Any of these seven self-sabotaging sayings sound familiar?

“I workout rigorously so I metabolize sugar better than other people.”
During my personal training days, I heard this often, usually from clients who treated themselves post-workout to fro-yo or some high-sugar impact smoothie.

“I do intermittent fasting and so I can eat whatever I want during my ‘feeding phase.'”
You’ve diligently fasted for hours or even days, and that ravenous aftermath means you’ll devour anything within eyesight.

“I eat healthy all week so I can splurge on the weekends.”
Sorry, but your body is a biochemistry lab, not a bank account. You can’t “save” calories and spend them elsewhere.

“A couple of bites won’t derail my plan.”
“I’ll have just a little bit” often becomes a slippery slope for hunger, food intolerances, cravings, and weight loss resistance. Even healthy foods can become unhealthy if you over-indulge.

“If I take a bunch of supplements, I’ll get the nutrients I’m missing in this processed food.”
Don’t think supplements can replace nutrient-rich whole foods or the damage that processed foods can create in your body. Supplements are designed to — well, supplement, not replace, nutrients you get in food.

“That packet of cookies is only 100 calories so I won’t ruin my diet.”
Bears repeating that hormones, not calories, are the big player in fat loss.

“I’ll just have a skinny latte and reduced-fat muffin for breakfast to save calories.”
Coffee shops misleadingly label “healthy” what are actually high-sugar impact foods that trigger a blood sugar spike-and-crash roller coaster.

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