Coconut oil like many things may not look very good but it does taste quite nice if you get a good quality one and when you use it for cooking it does have a certain flavor that can’t be beaten particularly for African, Caribbean and Far Eastern dishes.

Olive oil in the other hand is great for Mediterranean food. That’s’ where it’s been used for centuries in cuisine and most of the dishes that it’s used in really do compliment the flavors that come in  the different varieties of olive oil.

Coconut oil photo by Phú Thịnh Co

Go natural

Personally having lived in France for so long I tend to use butter when I’m cooking things whether that’s roasting in the oven or even cooking on the hob top but there again I’m following Northern European standard cooking practice and like olive oil, butter and cream is something that is used quite extensively in Northern French or Belgian or other cuisine from this area.

The key thing here of course is to stay away from the man made ones such as canola and others like it that have a dubious manufacturing process that doesn’t at the end give us a good quality product.

Another key thing here is staying as close to the natural product as you can and like most things the more gently you treat them the better they tend to taste.

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