It’s funny how most Americans are completely fooled by the choices we are presented regarding conventional foods. If we are seeking to be healthy or become healthy, we are told by seemingly caring organizations, associations and regulatory agencies to seek out “low sodium” products, “wholewheat” bread, “fat free” dairy products, lean or “prime cut” meats, “sugar free” sweets, “low carb” entrees, and the list goes on and on. See anything horribly wrong here? There is no mention of avoiding dangerous pesticides, iodized and radiated salts, glyphosate-ridden wheat, bleached products, hormones in meat and dairy, antibiotics in meat and dairy, artificial sweeteners, heavy metal toxins, dangerous industrial food dyes, GMOs, toxic gluten or even high fructose corn syrup.

The American Heart Association (AHA) simply offers less toxic choices from an array of carcinogenic foods that literally cause heart disease, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, obesity and dementia. The AHA makes no mention of raw organic foods, superfoods or natural remedies for heart health.

Does it really matter if your gluten is wholewheat, when it’s going to clog up your intestinal tract and cause other food to rot in your body after 24 hours? Does it really matter if you use skim milk or “low fat” milk in a recipe, if that milk contains blood, pus and pathogens from the confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) where the cows are abused, shot up with growth hormones, have infected udders from being forced to produce too much milk, and are fed antibiotics to stave off bacterial and viral infections? Does it really matter if you use less sugar, when that sugar comes from genetically modified corn that contains pesticides that cause cancer and diabetes? What good is a “healthy heart” if you’re dying of cancer and Alzheimer’s?

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