A remarkable report comparing natural COVID immunity to immunity provided by one of the injections not only demonstrates that natural immunity is long-lasting, but that those who have recovered from a COVID infection, on the other hand, are unlikely to benefit from the vaccine.

The Brownstone Institute for Social and Economic Research uncovered 81 research studies in a survey of published literature demonstrating that natural infection outperforms vaccination in terms of long-term protection.

Researchers now know that those who have been vaccinated are exhibiting signs of waning immunity, so the findings are particularly intriguing, and are seeing an increase in the number of breakthrough infections, not to mention the fact that even those who have been vaccinated can still spread the virus to others.

According to Brownstone, this suggests that public health officials are “misleading the public” by promoting vaccination as the sole way to eradicate COVID. These researches also proved that personal protective equipment (PPE) and masks were relatively ineffective in the healthcare situation.

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