Mercury dental fillings, or amalgams, have been used for more than a hundred and 50 years, despite the fact that mercury is one of the most potent neurotoxins known to man.

Dental amalgam is an antiquated filling material that’s typically a mixture of 50 percent mercury and 50 percent other metals like, copper. tin, silver and zinc.

Mercury fillings are deceptively called “silver fillings,” referring to the color of the material, rather than its composition. Mercury has been scientifically proven to have damaging effects on your kidneys, nervous system, cardiovascular system and immune system. In fact, it’s SO toxic that entire buildings have been evacuated for a mercury spill smaller than a standard dental filling. And before a dentist can remove one of those fillings from your teeth, he must put on the equivalent of a hazmat suit.

Yet, in spite of all these known risks, you’re somehow supposed to believe that mercury is safe in your mouth, or in your child’s mouth. for many decades!

On the other hand, the American Dental Association, continues to insist that the mercury in amalgam is safe and does not leak, but compelling evidence shows that dental amalgams readily release mercury in the form of vapor every time you eat, drink, brush your teeth, or otherwise stimulate your teeth.

A single amalgam filling may release as much as 15 micrograms of mercury per day.

To put that into perspective, eating mercury tainted seafood can expose you to about 2.3 micrograms per day—and that alone was enough for scientists to call for a worldwide warning back in 2006.

These mercury vapors typically pass through your cell membranes with ease and cross your bloodbrain barrier into your central nervous system where they can cause Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other serious psychological, immunological, and neurological disorders including multiple sclerosis.

Maria Indermuhle, an Inverness woman shared her harrowing story of getting mercury poisoning from her dental amalgams which was actually misdiagnosed as multiple sclerosis. She fell so ill and was likely never to walk again. It was only through her own research that she realized her symptoms also matched those of mercury poisoning. She got herself tested for heavy metals and was found to have toxic levels of mercury in her system. After getting the amalgams safely removed and undergoing a mercury detox program her health has been fully restored.

As noted in an extensive scientific review, there is no known safe level of exposure for mercury. Any dentist who continues to tell you that mercury exposure from amalgam is minimal or inconsequential, is doing you a reprehensible disservice.

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