Here are the first series of step by step pictured guide  low carb recipes for your low carb diet and lifestyle.

Happy low carb cooking!

Coconut Crusty Chicken

This is a tasty and comparatively quite quick dish to prepare and although it uses simple ingredients the combination of the ones listed here really have proven to be the best so far. It’s also quite nice as a cold dish so leftovers (if there are any) really aren’t a problem

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Finished product (7)

Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 315.1 kcal

Protein | 8.6 g

Carbs | 12 g

Fiber | 3.4 g

Fat | 26 g

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Cod with Tomato Cream Sauce

This really is a special dish! Take your time when you’re making the sauce because you want to end up with the silky smooth tomato sauce that adds that special something to the mild flavour of the cod.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 230 kcal

Protein | 19 g

Carbs | 8 g

Fiber | 1 g

Fat | 10 g

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Steak with Avocado and Pebre Sauce

If you’ve ever visited Chile then you’ll have experienced the popular Chilean sandwich the Churrasco. Traditionally this is a combination of steak with mashed avocado and Pebre Sauce. now obviously for us, a sandwich is really not something we would want. So in order to make it a satisfying steak dinner we’ve substituted steak strips that will satisfy even the most robust of appetites.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 399.1 kcal

Protein | 21.5 g

Carbs | 14 g

Fiber | 10.2 g

Fat | 30.7 g

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Tomato, Onion & Cucumber Salad

Here’s one of the most simple salads is it possible to make – apart from lettuce in French dressing of course. It’s an ideal salad especially at the height of summer when it’s nice just to get something ready that’s quick and easy.

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Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 58 kcal

Protein | 17.25 g

Carbs | 8 g

Fiber | 2 g

Fat | 3 g

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Tarragon Chicken

Try this healthy chicken recipe for your next lunchtime and experience an excellent combination of textures and taste.

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23. Decorate with watercress

Nutrition Facts:

Energy | 594 kcal

Protein | 24 g

Carbs | 20.6 g

Fiber | 2.7 g

Fat | 46 g

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Watch out for more delicious low carb dishes on our next series.

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